sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

NyC take separate ways

NyC members are taking separate ways. We still have our items for sale in Marketplace for now and you can check our profiles for news about our new locations in world.

I'm still offering support for my products, so if you have any problem, just write an IM to Catwise Yoshikawa ;-)

Winter Pack update 2010

All you need to cover your land, store or house with snow and decorate it for Christmas. Sculpt snow, Snowman, igloo, animations, ice pond, log cabin, snow machine...
All objects copy/mod, animations and scripts only copy.

-13 sculpt snow floors, some flat some rock style. They are set to phantom to recreate a nice walk in snow but you can change it if you want.
- 6 sculpt snow for roof/windows. Resize them to cover a whole roof or just a window, you have many choices.
- 2 sculpt snowmen with different hats. 1 with 9 prims and the other 10.
- 2 sculpt igloos (with snow and without) in 3 sizes;10,12 and 15 metres. 3 prims.
- 1 Log cabin, with sculpted logs. 20 prims.
- 1 snow angel with animation. 1 prim.
- 1 sculpt fire with sound. 3 prims.
- 1 trunk with animation. 1 prim.
- 1 sculpt rug. 1 prim.
- 1 couple animation (poseballs with hide show option). 2 prims.
- 2 panoramic photos, 2 snow and 4 ice exclusive textures.
- 2 winter trees and 1 xmas tree. 1 prim each.
- 1 box with snow textures. Full perm
- Snowball thrower. Full perm.
- Snowball giver.
- Snow machine (particles system).
- Snow and Ice floors in Mega prims (20, 25, 30 and 40m)

- 1 prebuild fire with rug and animations.
- 1 prebuild with snow and ice pond (28x22m aprox.).

Nov 2010 update:
copy/mod permissions in all objects. Scripts and animations are copy.
New items: Winter log cabin, new background picture, 2 winter trees, 1 christmas tree, snow particle system and snowball giver.

lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Halloween neko pumpkin with menu

Sculpted Neko pumpkin with real textures and shadow. Menu with Day/night mode on touch.

Halloween vamp tree with pose

Sculpted dead tree with bat. Vamp sleeping pose included. 15 prims (8 without bat).

domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

Halloween scarecrow with menu

Scarecrow with pumpkin day/night menu. Just touch pumpkin to change pumpkin texture.

domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

Garden swing

Sculpt garden swing (smooth swing movement), low prim and custom animations specially made for this swing. Include solo and couple, a total of 18.
- 4 solo animations.
- 4 cuddle animations.
- 1 kissing animation.

Easy to use, sit on a pillow (Right pillow for girls, left for boys). Touch to open menu and write on chat /1a to adjust position in case you need.
Touch swing to start movement.

Copy and mod to allow you to change textures. Stop worring about sim problems or editing problems, you can rezz a new copy anytime.

The swing comes in two separately linked parts, the swing stand and the swing. You can use the stand or use the swing alone in you porch or wherever you want.

Scripted with Perfect multisitter: Zero lag (and very, VERY LOW when somebody is sitting). Remembers the favorite pose of the 100 most frequent users (multipose setups).
Avatars can easily adjust position and rotation while sitting: it will remember the custom settings of the 50 most frequent users who did it! For each pose! Perfect for any shape.

Includes 2 swing versions:
- Swing. Synchronized animations version. Single user can change both animations as he operates his own menu.
- Swing - no sync. Each user can change animations. Be careful with this one, couple animations won't play synchronized.

You can try a demo at the in-word store.

viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

Real eyes

New realistic eyes. 12 colors to chose from.
I made them with reflections and veins like a real eye.

jueves, 28 de enero de 2010

New neko tail - Blue Neko

A swishing flexi tail with realistic movement, avatar movie inspired. Detailed textures for hair and attachments. Just click the tail for a menu display. It is very easy to use. Hide/show in feathers.

Update: Now includes texture menu to make it easy to match to your skin tone. To open it write in chat: /9 menu.

Includes a notecard with basic edit instructions, (English and Spanish). It's no mod, but maybe you need to edit position, so this will be a little help.

lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Neko (na'vi) eyes

New neko eyes, avatar movie inspired. 12 colors to chose from.
I made them with reflections and veins like a real eye, but have a larger size compared to human eye.
Perfect for any furry, neko, cat, etc.

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

New Year Countdown

Countdoown to New Year with menu to set your time zone, font type and color, resizer, 3 mask/background pictures to choose from, 3 display formats for time; -Days, hours, minutes and seconds -All seconds -Hours, minutes and seconds.
Simulation option to ckeck how will looks at zero.
Displays a scrolling Happy New Year 2010 message at zero.